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The Power of Self-Service in the Next Normal for Meetings Management

Aug 27, 2020 1:44:06 PM / by Madison Harris


As part of the convergence between travel and meetings, we recommend using your online booking tool to provide self-service or track air spend for your meeting attendees. Meetings are one of the last areas where flights are booked in a full-service process. This means full-service costs and a process that breaks with how we book most of our business travel. Why not integrate your online booking tool, like Concur Travel, to your attendee registration process? Benefits include:

  • Significant cost savings on fees when you switch from full-service to self-service (estimate $50-$75 to est. $10- $15)
  • Significant savings of the air tickets: With a meeting or event, you know the primary travel dates so you can better enforce the optimal 10-14 booking window. EY estimates that flights booked outside the 14-day range, ticket price savings are in the 18-22% range. These simple savings can far exceed the negotiated savings on the venue or sleeping rooms!
  • Integrations with Concur Travel enable the meeting planner to see all the flight details without having to get reports from the travel departments. This process savings is significant when you consider the last-minute flight and schedule changes that occur. These changes can not only impact the arrival & departure pickups but also enable you to change your minimums for events like your opening or closing receptions.

Now more than ever, corporations are looking for easier, more efficient, and cost-effective meetings management strategies to navigate through this period of uncertainty and into the future.


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Madison Harris

Written by Madison Harris

Marketing Associate for Groupize