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The Future of Strategic Partnerships Across the Meeting Landscape

Sep 4, 2020 8:30:00 AM / by Madison Harris

The current global crisis has articulated the importance of strategic partnerships and precise agreements to ensure the mitigation of risk and increases the value and the importance of a meetings program. Visibility and access to negotiated agreements that expose the company to financial and legal obligations emphasize the importance of minimizing risk in addition to access to critical data of meetings category spend and usage. The further conversation surrounding event cancellation insurance and other ways to mitigate risk in future commitments should also be evaluated and possibly implemented into the meeting’s program.

These are unprecedented times, and we can expect some sea-change impacts on business, behaviors, and expectations. Everyone will be required to respond and modify their business models for the new post-crisis ecosystem. How we plan, how we communicate and collaborate, and how we interact is all going to change. That being said, those who are quick to adjust will lead the way for the industry to follow. While so many may be taking things day-by-day, it’s critical to look to the future to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Now more than ever, corporations are looking for easier, more efficient, and cost-effective meetings management strategies to navigate through this period of uncertainty and into the future.


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Madison Harris

Written by Madison Harris

Marketing Associate for Groupize