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Why SMMP is Extinct and What Has Replaced It

Feb 1, 2021 2:45:05 PM / by Madison Harris posted in Enhancements, 2021, Meetings and Events, Modern Meetings, self-service, full visibility, Success, optimization, Professional


Evolution is a natural part of life. As a result, so is extinction. In the natural habitat of the meeting and travel planning of any corporation, this process is no different. Process and technology are continually evolving, which means that the old, outdated way is constantly being placed on the endangered list, and eventually becoming extinct altogether.

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Get Better With Groupize: From Professional to Occasional Planner, with No Hidden Fees

Sep 21, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Janie Carlini posted in Modern Meetings, full visibility, Professional Planner, Occasional Planner


With so much at stake for pandemic recovery, why would you leave your busiest, most-multi-tasking professionals to fend for themselves as face-to-face collaboration starts up again?

Getting Better with Groupize means deploying a meeting and collaboration platform that is not just for your professional event planners. In fact, some of Groupize’s biggest fans at Fortune 500 companies are the executive admins and other occasional meeting planners who love our user friendly platform with their corporate guidelines baked in. This includes recruiting and training admins trying to piece together company policies and systems to minimize impacts to both overhead costs and their to-do lists.

Groupize is fool-proof.

And in this day and age – practically risk-proof. With company-wide licensing, zero attendee registration costs, and other all-inclusive pricing packages – we know you can save 50-70% on the platform you’ve been using for those large-scale events.

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