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Internship Spotlight - Megan DiNush

Oct 22, 2020 10:55:30 AM / by Madison Harris

Megan DiNush is a senior Hospitality Management student at Endicott College, located in Beverly, MA, who joined the Groupize team in September as a Sales intern.

Megan is a leader on Endicott College’s campus, being a part of the Mortar Board Chapter Honor Society and receiving many scholarships based on leadership from the School of Hospitality Management. Endicott’s academic program also allows Megan to conduct her own year-long study on an industry topic of choice. 

“This semester, I have had the opportunity to study customer perceptions on risk management tactics in events as a part of my thesis,” Megan told us.

“Despite the Coronavirus, the tools and opportunities that Groupize has provided me with have given me hands-on experience in this area of study I have chosen, and provided insight into what it is like in the meetings and travel industry.”

Megan has been studying various risk management tactics that have recently come to fruition during these uncertain times due to the global pandemic. Along with this, Megan has also been reviewing the responses and feedback that has been received regarding risk-management tools from customers and various members of the Meetings & Travel Industry. Groupize has generated a culture of innovation and continuous improvement based on customer feedback. Over 1,500 features have recently introduced based on user insights.

Megan has been working in the hospitality industry since her freshman year of college, working different jobs over the years such as serving, to interning for an Event Management team. Prior to joining the Groupize internship program, Megan interned with the Hawthorne Hotel and Eastern Yacht Club. Megan feels that the skills she has learned during her time with Groupize thus far are skills that would have taken someone else multiple years in the hospitality industry to learn. 

“My internship experience with Groupize has taught me how to plan an event from start to finish, and my classes at Endicott College introduced me to the food and beverage side of the industry,” mentioned Megan.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys going on adventures with family and friends, whether it be watching the sunrise at one of the many local beaches or going on bike rides. She loves to cook, especially Spanish-inspired dishes, and after a long day, Megan likes to unwind and hang out with her three cats, Benji, Buddy and Atari. 

“I have loved being able to explore the travel side of the hospitality industry,” said Megan. “I have had the chance to work in the marketing, sales, and events department at Groupize. I am excited to keep learning from my supervisors and colleagues.” 

Thus far, Megan has been a wonderful asset to the Groupize Team. We are excited to continue working with her during her remaining time here with us!

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Madison Harris

Written by Madison Harris

Marketing Associate for Groupize