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Groupize’s Rules Engine Enables Self Service Behavior and Full Visibility into All of Your Company’s Events and Meetings

Jan 1, 2020 2:12:00 PM / by Madison Harris

Why should you implement the Groupize Rules Engine?

Groupize is the modern, self-service, meeting & event management solution for everyday users, that saves money, increases productivity, and improves control over travel, your organization’s second largest discretionary spend.

Today, your company is comprised of many ‘planners’ that are required to fill out a form and wait for a response or, more likely, they pick up the phone and plan meetings outside of your policies set in place to ensure duty of care, mitigate risk and utilize preferred suppliers. What if there was a tool with no per user cost barrier to allow all of your ‘planners’ the ability to register, source and book meetings within your program’s guidelines? And, if the meeting request form is important to your process, they can be redirected to it.

Groupize created the Rules Engine to enable self service behavior that provides full visibility into all events and meetings occurring within the organization.

The rules engine combines event and user type parameters with size parameters such as budget, number of attendees, and number of sleeping rooms. This allows a corporation to utilize 3 unique workflows:


  1. The ability to pre-determine whether the event owner can be in a self-service mode and work directly with the suppliers

All site administrators have access to set up a rules engine for their portal page!


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This next generation of collaboration and support is designed to add value to the meeting process by increasing online adoption and visibility while mitigating risk and lost opportunities to save money and enrich the overall meeting experience.

Groupize technology allows all users to become an event owner and help you finally gain 100% visibility into your meeting category without having to centralize the entire process.

The rules engine allows a company to incorporate their current workflow and experience visibility into all events. Groupize account admins can update the rules at any time to accommodate an evolving program and the level of responsibility given to users.

All users utilizing Groupize will have a modern, easy to understand experience planning their event regardless of the workflow or rules enabled for them. Groupize captures all event entries for visibility into user actions.

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The benefits to a company for configuring their rules that are enforced at the portal:

  • Allow users to source supplier partners for their events
  • Integrate with existing full-service rules and workflows
  • Create workflows based on the type of event, type of user, budget, department or region
  • Set up custom content on the Portal Page with other pertinent information
  • Users can seamlessly book with complete compliance, risk mitigation, and savings

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What to keep in mind when implementing rules:

When creating rules, it is important to keep in mind your goals for success. Are you looking to capture events you know are under the radar? Are you looking to offer an enhanced user experience for internal event planning? When reporting, do you want visibility into specific user groups or event types?

As a site administrator, don’t overthink it, Groupize is built to make changes without a support ticket! Collecting more data helps develop more strategic rules, so start simple, you can always adjust.



Winner of Phocuswright Innovation Award, BTN Top 25 Most Influential of 2017 and Skift 2018 Corporate Travel Innovators, Groupize offers the leading end-to-end platform for simple corporate meetings. Groupize is revolutionizing meetings technology with innovative, self-service solutions that reduce the complexity of starting, sourcing, managing, and measuring simple meetings. Founded in 2011, Groupize is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, please call +1-508-232-7719, or visit

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Madison Harris

Written by Madison Harris

Marketing Associate for Groupize