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Get Better with Groupize, & Get the Best Available Concur Integration

Sep 17, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Janie Carlini

Even as much of the business world has stopped traveling for non-essential meetings, we know from our other Fortune 500 customers that many of you are pulling together recruiting, training, and sales meetings over the coming months.


The recovery is in motion.


And in the new world of meetings + travel + pandemic, there’s no better time than now to right-size your meetings platform to get the right, key building blocks in place for safe, trackable face-to-face and hybrid meetings.


Did you know that Groupize has integrated with Concur for the industry’s best two-way integration? This means:

  • Non-profiled travelers – like new recruits – can be guided to self-book their travel arrangements with your key airlines and hotel properties. This will impress the talent you’re trying to woo into your company to show you’re both innovative and employee-focused, while staying mindful of costs.
  • Meeting planners – including those who only plan meetings occasionally – can use the Groupize platform to easily keep track of meeting attendee travel arrangements, and use our automated messaging features to remind attendees to book within key savings windows. This results in better coordination, lower costs, and better outcomes.


For meetings where your attendees plan to drive – Groupize has you covered there, too – with the best foundational attendee tracking features, a standard part of our platform with no hidden fees. 


We’d love to show you how this works! Request a Demo today and a member of the Groupize Team will be glad to set up a demo about how Groupize integrates with Concur for across-the-board time and cost savings for your company, and how we cover the bases for attendee tracking even when they’re not flying.


We’ve just published this New eBook: “6 Meetings Trends Accelerated by the Pandemic”, which we invite you to download, to gauge how your organization is responding at this point of recovery.


And Let Us Know how we can help your business get better – and get back to meeting. Getting Better will take all of us. At Groupize, we are here to help.


Want to Learn More? Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about why Groupize is the platform of choice for corporations to manage expense, travel and risk for all meetings, events and guest travel.


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Janie Carlini

Written by Janie Carlini