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Get Better With Groupize: Cover All Bases as F2F Collaboration Re-Starts

Sep 23, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Janie Carlini


Plan, source, track.

That’s the basic flow of planning any meeting. And it sounds pretty simple, but how is it even relevant in the midst of a pandemic?


  •       Every company focuses on the first: planning – with both professionals and occasional planners lining up to do just that. But how do you support them with a company-wide tool to make the process consistent, T&C’s included, KPIs measurable, and budgets approvable?
  •       Fewer companies focus on the sourcing. And if they do, a planner’s idea of meeting “sourcing” may, in fact, be relying on a platform that makes most of its revenue from venue advertising rather than from giving enterprise customers – you -- maximum savings. Is that good enough?
  •       Finally, there’s tracking. Until the pandemic, most companies did not worry about attendee tracking at all. But now, tracking is the foundational element to drive the re-start of face-to-face collaboration… the need to connect your online booking platform to the meeting tracking platform, the need to track and trace attendees at drive-only meeting, the need to see where your meetings are lining up if there’s a surge in cases and you need to postpone or cancel (with the click of a button).


You cannot afford to leave your meetings program “as is” to carry you successfully through the new risks. And you can’t afford to have an expensive “big meeting” tool collecting dust on your shelf.


Whether you already have a typical “super-sized event” management platform or nothing at all, Groupize is Better for what you need in today’s meeting environment. And if you have one of those super-sized meetings platforms for just a few professional planners, Groupize can save you 50-70% on overall platform costs by switching to Groupize.


Getting Better will take all of us. At Groupize, we're here to help. Let Us Know how we can help your business get better – and get back to meeting. Visit our website to learn Why Professionals say Groupize is Better than Cvent, and why Groupize is the solution of choice for Fortune 5000 Companies.


We’ve just published our New eBook: “6 Meetings Trends Accelerated by the Pandemic”, which we invite you to download to gauge how your organization is responding at this point of recovery.


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Janie Carlini

Written by Janie Carlini