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Funding Meetings Models Every Meeting Planner Should Know

Sep 8, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Madison Harris

Overarching funding options for meetings management programs can be summarized at the highest level below:


Centralized funding – A single budget for all/set scope of meeting services provided and managed across an organization. We often see this budget sitting with and managed by Procurement.


Decentralized funding – Meeting service fees are charged back to business units based on usage (per meeting rate card or % based), or a fixed cost is included as a shared service line item. These can be distributed either from a central fund and passed back through a finance function; or paid at point of service delivery.


Commission offset - Commissions are typically used to partially offset costs or fund other meetings related items such as technology or additional resources. While some strategic sourcing programs are fully “funded” through commission, a value/cost for this service should still be accounted for as a budget line item for an organization.


Relying on commissions to act as a “free” service for sourcing, or core revenue stream should be cautioned, both given industry factors such as declining hotel commissions; as well as disparity of the ability to deploy such a model in all markets and regions, globally.


It is important to have a well-established business case for your strategic meetings management program, where the true value and return in investment (be it offset or not) in having a meetings program can be clearly articulated and communicated within the organization.


The most appropriate funding model for your business will vary greatly across businesses; considering several factors such as tolerance for change, shared service infrastructure, guaranteed volumes, services in scope, executive buy-in, stakeholder engagement strategy, and meetings management program maturity.


Credit card rebates, where a meetings card program is in use, can be an additional revenue stream to also offset costs or deliver funds to a program.


Now more than ever, corporations are looking for easier, more efficient, and cost-effective meetings management strategies to navigate through this period of uncertainty and into the future.


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Madison Harris

Written by Madison Harris

Marketing Associate for Groupize