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Cancellations and Attrition Best Practices that will Define the Success of Your Meetings

Sep 3, 2020 12:49:57 PM / by Madison Harris


The conversations surrounding cancellations and attrition with your suppliers and event providers have always remained critical and crucial. Given the current global influences and pandemic impact, these discussions are especially paramount and essential. Business event strategists need to understand the implications and impact of special agreement provisions relative to their respective organizations and attendees during these unprecedented times.

While the full scope of total risk assumptions and financial obligations are not always specifically realized by the organization initially, the meeting professional can and should work with their suppliers to minimize the negative impacts as it relates to cancellation and attrition and other contract performance

Have You Reviewed the Clauses in the Event Contract?

A first step in the process of evaluating your current existing and/or future program would be to review the clauses in the event contract(s). It is critical to process the cancellation and attrition terms, as well as review of the force majeure clause to understand the financial and performance implications of the agreement. Contracts may or may not have specific clauses, which includes language that provides for the alleviation of certain obligations or mitigation, and event professionals will need to be aware of the agreement commitment.

Identify Re-Negotiation Opportunities

Opportunities exist for meeting professionals to re-negotiate and to conduct discussions with your hotels/venues regarding your agreement and performance implications. Based on specific market conditions and nature of the program, there may be an option to discuss an addendum to an existing agreement to facilitate the program to meet contractual obligation and performance clauses in a modified way. Every event and program has a different value to the hotel, and it is imperative to understand how the hotel evaluates the specific program and its impact on that venue/facility

Are You Familiar with Re-Selling Attrition?

Understanding the performance of your room block agreement will assist in the conversations surrounding possible attrition. Given the impact of unforeseeable events to possible reduced performance of the agreement, event professionals will need to understand ways, if possible, to mitigate any shortfall or damages owed. Market conditions, program’s value, and business impact will facilitate a discussion relative to re-sell opportunities to impact attrition.

Transparency Matters

Relationships and open communication with transparency matters. During the current climate, it is especially critical to have these honest and timely communication and dialogues with your sales representatives from the hotels and venues, including your global/regional chain contacts, to ensure visibility and transparency of your event status and to provide essential updates. Each hotel or venue evaluates the event summary and scope differently. Meeting professionals must be able to understand the position and perspective of the supplier to understand how they are viewing one’s specific program or event. Event professionals also must share their position and situation, and together with the supplier, hopefully, find a mutual resolution.


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Madison Harris

Written by Madison Harris

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