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Groupize Assurance Risk Assessment

Benchmark your program today for pre, during and post-event preparedness.

Assurance Workflow



Groupize Assurance includes the first in the industry enhanced solution to standardize managed meeting processes, policy, and logistics – making every step trackable and auditable within its central platform. This matches the same scrutiny long given transient travel programs. 

Groupize Assurance

The preparedness, readiness, and response solution for Meetings Programs

Groupize Assurance features focus on Pre-Event, On-Site, and Post-Event requirements in a post-COVID world.
For a complete list of Groupize Assurance features and upgrades, please visit the page on our website:Groupize Assurance

Groupize Assurance Risk Calculator

Groupize is supporting companies restarting their programs by offering a “First-Year Free” promotion to select companies committing to a four-year engagement by September 18, 2020.  
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